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These general conditions (“General Conditions”) define the conditions under which the services offered by the company Argios, SAS with a capital of 50,000 euros, whose registered office is at 9 rue des Bouleaux, 59810 Lesquin – registered in the du Commerce et des Sociétés de Lille Métropole under number B 910 682 368. (Hereafter “Argios” or the “Company”).

The Argios company offers, in an agile way of working, support for professionals in the diagnosis and analysis of the organizational difficulties that these professionals may face in the exercise of their activity. These difficulties can be found in team management as well as in product creation.

Some of the services offered and their description are accessible from the website (The “Site”).

These General Conditions apply exclusively to professionals.


Each term beginning with a capital letter has the meaning indicated in its definition, whether singular or plural.

Customer: refers to companies, associations, administrations, or any professional, subscribing to the Services offered by Argios.

Order: designates the order of Services carried out on the Site and detailing the Services subscribed by the Customer.

Account: designates the space on which a person can connect from the Site.

Parts: designates, together, Argios and the Client.

Benefits: refers to the services offered on the Site.

Price: refers to the price of the Services.

Quiz: refers to the form available free of charge on the Site on the “Make a diagnosis” page.

Site: refers to the  or any other website or application published by Argios on which the Services are accessible.

Holder (of the Account): means any person who has opened an Account on the Site.


These General Conditions establish the contractual conditions applicable to the Services.  

No Service not expressly mentioned herein may be charged to the Company.


The Customer has the option of freely filling out a Questionnaire on the Site by accessing the “E-diagnostics” page.

Argios then proceeds to analyze the data from the Questionnaire.  On the basis of this analysis, three issues are identified and presented to the Client, according to his choice, either during an appointment you, or in a preliminary report addressed to him.

Completing the e-diagnosis via the Questionnaire does not commit the Customer to subscribing to a paid Service with Argios.

Paid services

Argios is likely to provide its Customers with the following paid Services:

  • Augmented e-Diagnosis;

  • e-Diagnosis 360;

  • Company e-Diagnosis;

  • or any other Service mentioned on the Site.

The nature of the Paid Services is detailed on the Website.

The provision of the Services requires the reservation of a time slot in order to allow the organization of an appointment between the Company and the Client. The appointment is scheduled either remotely or face-to-face and allows Argios to deepen the e-diagnosis. At the end of the meeting, the company Argios gives a deliverable to the Customer. 

The Customer can reserve the Services by email at the following address:

Any Order becomes final only after full payment of the Service.


The Customer undertakes to provide Argios with all the information necessary for the performance of the Service. Argios cannot be held liable under any circumstances in the event of inaccurate or incomplete information provided by the Customer.

The Client undertakes to respect the dates and times of appointments agreed with the Company.

No refund will be due in the event of an appointment not being honored by the Customer.

Once ordered, a Service cannot be cancelled.

However, the Customer has the option of requesting the postponement of an appointment within twenty-four hours before the agreed date. In the event of postponement, the Parties may agree on a later date within a maximum period of 6 months.


The Customer is prohibited from any use of the Site likely to infringe the rights of third parties, the Company or other users. In particular, when responding to the Questionnaires or in the context of exchanges with the Company, he is prohibited from communicating information, data or documents of any kind whatsoever, likely to constitute an infringement of an obligation. of confidentiality, a violation of business secrecy, an unfair practice, a violation of an intellectual or industrial property right, or to be considered as defamatory, denigrating, racist or contrary to public order.


Any professional or any Client has the possibility of creating a User Account on the Site. The Account Holder undertakes to keep his password strictly confidential.


As such, any use of the Account is deemed to have been made by the Holder himself or with his authorization, unless the Holder is able to demonstrate that his Account has been hacked.


An Account may not be sold or transferred to another person without the express agreement of the Company.

The Account may be terminated at any time by the Account Holder, or by the Company in the event of breach of these terms by the Account Holder.

The Account Holder shall refrain from any use of the Account likely to infringe the rights of third parties, the Company or other users. In particular, he is prohibited from making use of the Account, likely to constitute an infringement of an obligation of confidentiality, a violation of business secrecy, an unfair practice, a violation of an intellectual or industrial property right, or be considered as defamatory, denigrating, racist or contrary to public order.


Argios reserves the right to change the prices of the Services at any time, it being understood, however, that the price mentioned when Ordering the Service is the only one applicable to the Client.

Services whose price cannot be calculated in advance give rise to the establishment of an estimate.

Payment terms

Payment is due before the start of the Service unless expressly agreed by the Parties.

Payment of the Price is made in cash when ordering the Service, by bank card or by any other means indicated on the Site.

Default interest

Any delay in payment will result in the application of a penalty equal to three (3) times the legal interest rate, from the first day of delay.

A fixed indemnity of forty (40) euros for recovery costs will also be due in the event of delay.

In addition, in the event of late payment not settled before the start of the Service, Argios reserves the right to suspend the Services until full payment by the Client of the sums due.


The missions ordered by the Client cannot begin until payment has been made.

These General Conditions are in force as long as they are accessible on the Online Site.


The performance of the Services is subject to the good cooperation of the Client. As such, and given the nature of the Services, the Company is only bound by an obligation of means.

In any event, Argios cannot be held liable for an amount greater than the price of the Service in question.

Argios cannot be held liable if the performance of its obligations is delayed or prevented due to a case of force majeure, a fortuitous event or a cause beyond its control, such as in particular: natural disaster , war, earthquake, fire, explosions, epidemic, riots, intervention of government authorities, bad weather, water damage, malfunction or interruption of the electrical or telecommunications network.


The Parties undertake, on their behalf, on behalf of their employees and agents as well as on behalf of any person having access to their premises, to keep confidential the information defined below (the "Confidential Information").

Should be considered as Confidential Information, including but not limited to, all information and technical or non-technical data but of a sensitive nature, such as formulas, ideas, concept, know-how, graphics, models, tables, data and marketing information, financial or commercial, communicated by one Party to the other as part of the performance of the Service. However, the Information will not be considered confidential:

  • which were in the public domain on the date on which they were communicated by one Party to the other;

  • become notorious or known to the general public, without any breach of any obligation hereof

  • disclosed by a third party who legitimately holds them and has the right to disclose them.

The termination of the contract for any reason whatsoever does not terminate the obligation of confidentiality referred to in this article.


The Client expressly acknowledges that all intellectual property rights relating to the Site and the Services are the exclusive property of the Company.

The trademarks, domain names, products, software, images, videos, texts present or relating to the Site and more generally all elements subject to intellectual property rights are and remain the exclusive property of the Company. No assignment of intellectual property rights is made through these General Conditions. Any total or partial reproduction, modification or use of the aforementioned elements for any reason whatsoever is strictly prohibited.


As part of its activity, Argios collects personal data from its customers, as data controller within the meaning of Article 4 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Argios collects the surnames, first names, emails of the representatives of its customers and suppliers, or of the people who have contacted it via its site or via any other means. It also collects the contact details of the people who make an appointment request, as well as the details of the Service order, and the content of the exchanges and contact requests received by email.

The processing of this data is necessary for the provision of the Services. The purpose of the processing implemented by Argios relates in particular to:

  • the management of appointment reservations;

  • the analysis of the questionnaire present on the site;

  • the provision of assistance in the event of difficulty in using the Site;

  • providing diagnostics.


Data relating to accounts, orders and performance of the Services are kept for a period of 1 year.

The accounting data, relating to the invoicing of the Services, is kept for a period of ten (10) years.

Within Argios, the only people who have access to the personal data thus collected are:

  • The people in charge of monitoring orders for the Services;

  • The financial department;

  • In case of difficulty with an account, the support service.

Each person concerned has a right of access, modification, rectification, erasure and, where applicable, portability of personal data concerning him, in accordance with the GDPR and the provisions of the law relating to data processing, to files and freedoms of January 6, 1978 in its version in force on the date hereof. Argios' privacy policy can be viewed via the following link:  Privacy Policy

The right of access, modification, rectification and deletion provided for in the previous paragraph, is exercised with customer service at the following email address:

In the event of difficulty in connection with the management of their personal data, any person concerned has the right to lodge a complaint with the CNIL or with any competent supervisory authority.


The Parties may cite each other as partners, in their commercial documentation, on their website and on any communication medium.

As such, the Parties mutually authorize each other to reproduce their logos and brands on their communication media, subject to compliance with the communication standards of the other Party.


The nullity of one of the clauses or one of the articles hereof shall have no influence on the validity of the other clauses and articles. In the event of the invalidity of one of the clauses, the Company will endeavor to replace it with a valid, balanced clause having the same purpose.


Any derogatory or additional agreement to these presents must be recorded in writing.


The User acknowledges that only these General Conditions govern his contractual relations with the Company.


The titles of the articles of these General Conditions appear only for convenience and in no way affect the meaning of the provisions to which they refer.


No act of tolerance by one of the Parties, even repeated, shall constitute a waiver by the latter of any of the provisions hereof.


The General Conditions may be modified at any time by the Company. In the event of modification, the applicable General Conditions are those in force on the date of the order for a Service.


Any difficulty relating to the validity, interpretation or execution of these General Conditions, and after unsuccessful amicable resolution attempt within thirty (30) days, will be the exclusive competence of the competent courts within the jurisdiction of Paris except application of another mandatory territorial jurisdiction.

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