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Great adventures always start with a desire for change.

Argios is no exception to this premise.

The experience of the two creators, Romain and Yoann, confronts them with a very worrying aspect of organizational consulting: the diagnosis is long, slow, partial and biased.

The consequences are formidable since the diagnoses made often come too late to deal with a problem that has worsened to the point of sometimes requiring a new diagnosis. For the company, the cost of this carelessness is enormous.

The ease of the founders in new technologies naturally leads them to imagine the use of artificial intelligence.

Argios was born.

The diagnosis entrusted to artificial intelligence will quickly allow the treatment, totally based on the relationship and human intelligence.

The realization is a very large-scale project in terms of technical and human investment.

However, the choice of the creators of Argios is a new counterpoint to market habits: the diagnosis is freely available.

This audacity greatly frees up the ability to carry out a diagnosis and to act completely independently.

Argios is making a bold bet: the freedom of those who choose the qualities of an Argios diagnosis will turn into complicity in dealing with malfunctions with Argios.

The ambition is to create in all those who love their businesses, the Argios reflex.

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