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Argios diagnosis is extremely easy to perform.

Today, it takes the form of a questionnaire segmented by theme.

Most of the questions call for a binary choice, some are multiple choice.

In the considered universe, any professional can respond spontaneously and instantaneously.



The Argios diagnosis is completed online in approximately 15 minutes.

The results reach the respondent within 48 hours, the time required for one of the Argios consultants to target the whole.

A first exchange can be scheduled immediately.



Objectivity is one of the most remarkable assetses of Argios diagnosis by artificial intelligence. This is even the main reason for the creation of Argios.

The endless series of face-to-face interviews, the pollution of influence struggles and the inevitable partiality of consultants will soon be part of the history of our profession.



The identity of the user and his company as well as the answers to the questions asked within the framework of the diagnosis are confidential.

This confidentiality is kept in the compilation of cases which constitutes the dysfonctiothèque®.




Argios diagnosis by artificial intelligence is not invoiced.

In the consulting world, this practice is a revolution.

And this revolution makes sense.

The classic method, which mobilizes a consultant-investigator for a long time, is in fact very inaccessible.

It requires the agreement of third parties who must be convinced that it is an investment and not an expense. This process is long and random.

The free access decided by Argios allows all those who wish to do so to carry out a diagnosis as soon as they want, without constraint and without justification.



The multiple tests carried out by Argios before its launch have provided access to a very satisfactory level of quality, reliability and usefulness.

However, the accumulation of cases of dysfunction will allow  to permanently increase the acuity of the diagnosis.

Feedback from customer experience will be essential to improve content and form.

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