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We created Argios after 10 years of cumulative experience as organizational consultants.

These 10 years have taught us perfectly what you are going through.

You notice that a malfunction exists or is getting worse, or is in the process of setting in.

Tackling it is a test.

Revealing a problem is not always easy because its origin is not always simply mechanical or fortuitous.

It can arise as a result of arbitrary decisions by a hierarchy that decides, without knowing the intricacies of operational reality.

It can arise as a result of a choice that seemed superb and turned out to be bad.

It can also be due to an oversight, negligence, an ignored detail which, over time, turns out to be essential.

He can finally settle down because we failed to listen to the innocuous suggestion of a client.




In all these situations, there are two options:

- Repair yourself after having convinced the stakeholders to let you do it.

We know that this solution is often delicate because it often amounts to denouncing the bad choices of those to whom you ask to act.

- Entrust the diagnosis to a specialist firm like the one that preceded Argios. The decision is hard to make. The cost is significant because the time required is long. Consultants' work is often guided by their own experience. The consultations are naturally marked by subjectivity and their conclusions come at a time when the dysfunction has evolved, often to the point that it would be necessary to start all over again.



These situations you are going through are not pleasant.

They led us to think of a different protocol that is revolutionizing  in depth our job but facilitates yours.

We tested the fact of entrusting the diagnosis to an artificial intelligence, exactly as doctors and biologists do.

The result is fast, reliable, objective.

It is even more so when a consultant observes it, dissects it until validating the conclusions.

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