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Argios' first experiments reveal an unexpected treasure. 

The professionals who, since the beginning of the adventure, have been testing Argios, those who tomorrow will have the reflex, have remarkable points in common.

They love their companies, they love their jobs, they love their teams.


This hyper-positive attitude gives them a particular acumen to detect a dysfunctional situation early on.

They are all committed to quickly correcting anything that can harm their business.

They seem to find in front of the facility and the effectiveness of Argios, a will and a motivation which seemed to have seriously blurred in the companies.

Argios brings out a new state of mind, a lookout mentality, such as exists in high-performance crews.

This renewed enthusiasm seems to be greatly favored by the ease and speed of the Argios diagnosis.



It is therefore logical to unite these men and women who, without any commitment on their part, use the AI of Argios.

They have to share their experiences, their skills, their doubts, their convictions, their ideas, their wishes.

Argios in turn undertakes to create the Club des Vigies d'Entreprise and to write a new chapter in the business adventure with its first members.

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